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we timed this one nearly at an entire minute. we asked people how it will work. >> we believe everybody has to pum over, and pay a fee. >> i was assume they'd have a change machine. you know? you can drop change in there. or maybe dollar bills could be easier. if you can just insert it and hike, you know, like a vending machine or something like that. >> yes. >> well, no. there will be no pulling over, no machines. when they say no cash, they mean it. options include what includes prepaid accounts or you can pay cash for fast track. otherwise, billing will be tied to license plates with a pay by plate account, one time payment handled online or a kiosk throughout the bay area, that is good for 30 days. if you don't do anything, a
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camera takes a picture of the plate skpf registered owners get a bill. >> that is weird. that is inconvenient. like... because if i were to use my friend's card i'd have to hook up his plate? it just sounds inconvenient. >> it's going to ask for a license plate, state it's rental sistered in. then, you get to select an effective date for the toll. >> what about car was no plates? i should know that i don't know. i don't know. maybe there is a slush fund to cover those folks. >> it's unclear how they would be tracked down. and what about tourists? rental cars? >> i think english word for toll is talk. >> it's a license plate charge handled through rental car
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companies and this is more confusing than that. we'll leave it at that. >> there is something called anonymous accounts. fast track seemed to be the way to go here. and also, you get a dollar off that $6 toll. what will happen to toll takers? there are 14 remaining now. they will be absorbed or the district is trying to figure out how that transition can be comfortable for everyone. >> you can tell it's going to work well. >> black friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, they opened doors tonight and abc 7 news nick smith joins us life that is right.
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some retailers are opening their doors. it faced backlash. some employees signed petitions fchl you're a consumer, these doors open at 8:00 p.m. >> i don't wait. i do shopping. you know? as it comes. >> walmart is hoping more shoppers will follow her lead. in a push to be first, they're opening doors at kl p.m. two hours earlier. >> 8:00 p.m. thanksgiving? i don't mind for me, but i feel bad for everybody working. >> he's not alone. workers have signed online petitions asking for thanksgiving day off. there is a flyer being circulated pushing for a demonstration at this store to highlight what they say are concerns around worker conditions and safety last
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holiday there were two shootings in this lot. today we spotted cameras trained on the lot, mobile security roaming isleses and this police officer watching from a distance. >> i'm walking out at 3:30. >> the fire calling for a demonstration, she says she's here because she wants to be. >> it's been great since i've been here, it's been great. i have benefits. we have kaiser and healthnet. we have 401(k). we have stocks. >> and aurora has one more thing to add. >> for my family to stay healthy. that is my christmas wish. and friends. >> deals are not a miss. consumers average a savings of 16%. hear is a deal online. a retail for $50 but best buy
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has the game for a deal of 34.99. >> walmart and target not the only stores open. tourists found gap and banana republic stores open, offering 40% discounts. closed and extra patrols could be tomorrow. >> oakland police have not made progress in tracking down people when abandoned their cars after a gun battle. sky 7 was overhead beginning at 8:30 last night. you can see traffic backed up for miles more than two hours. investigators say the battle ended with two cars crashing.
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no one has shown up with wounds it wasn't much of a holiday, thieves drok into vehicles on lake shore avenue. one man lost his lap top computer. he had to spend thanksgiving waiting for police and insurance company to assess the damage. >> the 49ers say be thankful to have two good quarterbacks. all signs are pointing to allen cappernick. 49ers not in a hurry to clarify this situation. more on what the coach insists is not a quarterback controversy, cornell? >> yes. not at all. sunday's day is a mistry. fans taking sides in a quarterback debate. one hall of famer says it's boobl. >> i hope everybody is doing
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well, very a lot to be thankful for. >> the niners won't say which quarterback will start sunday's game against the saints. >> no decision has been made. we're hopeful alex gets cleared tomorrow, and you know, we're confident in both quarterbacks to be on the field. >> sports illustrated is reporting, cleared or not, recovering quarterback alex smith will not start the game. second string quarterbackin cappernick will reportedly be the star after stepping up in an impressive show against the bears. in san francisco fans were in a frenzy. and have stronger opinions about niners. >> this is a team, you go with quarterback who is going to get you there. >> back up quarterbacks, he's young.'e
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and he's g he'll get a chance again, too. >> people don't know what they're talking about. >> the 49er tells:wtd it like it is. he says the starter as within decided by coachku=oñ harbaugh. >> i won't question harbaugh. he's been so successful with alex. and i'm sure there is a good communication, positive there, communication between the two of them. it's on the bench there and you might, the doctors may have said something. >> tonight any comparisons to the niners debate meantime, the team says it may know if alex smith has been cleared to play. others say it's a done deal.
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>> cornell, thanks. >> bob sinclaire, people don't know what they're talking about. do you think the same it's going to be cappernick? he got the same reps when he started. the tricky part when you get into a dome. and and for the rest of the season we'll be out of place. >> i think it's a good problem. >> in contra costa county, wild turkeys appear to be taking over. many neighbors are ticked off at the mess they're leaving behind. the story from danville. >> and in the bay area, many sit down for traditional turkey feast. others have learned to co-exist with wild and alive variety. >> this father and son out for a game of catch. >> there is one behind you.
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should we move? >> sure. >> the wild turkeys have become a fact of life. especially those bordering open spaces in places like da danville they're everywhere, roads, front and backyards. biggest worry i have is running these turkeys over. >> sometimes when you go into the backyard, freshly planted flowers, turkey just playing >> in years past, some communities have applied for and received permits to thin out the herds in their streets, involving an expert coming out to shoot them. >> some people want to shoot them. >> yes. well, sometimes, they get annoying. >> i don't think that is a good solution. they're not that big a nuisance. >> still, there are those just
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a little bit on this day or not. >> tonight you're not going to be thinking about the opportunities you've passed by earlier? >> no. i don't think so.. >> animal control advises people do, not feed the big birds, they say don't call them, they do not handle wild turkey situations unless there is a threat to public health or safety. >> coming up next an event become a thanksgiving holiday tradition. absent. >> after a sun year, mild thanksgiving day, can we expect more for the weekend? the accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> also tonight, bay area band putting in a long day marg streets in manhattan today.
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>> what happens if you order something in a trade
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many bay area families spent thanksgiving with what you might call an an unkongsal place. san francisco international auto show. it's a holiday tradition that goes hand in hand with a turk and stuffing. >> it's a different type of holiday shopping. >> this is how we pick our last two cars..
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>> thousands spend thanksgiving day at the auto show. the cousins have spent the last 20 years coming to the show now, they brick families to continue the tradition. >> we're spread out ought over the bay area. >> the family has grown so much. we have this opportunity to come together and to share in the car show every year. >/mmúf this year's show is 2013 model vehicles. the mosconi center full of everything from electric, hybrid cars to trucks, vans and suvs. >> there are up and towns but certainly, based upon what we're seeing the products are special. and the buying public is reaching back. >> noticeably absent from this year's show is tesla motors. there are plenty of electric
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vehicles to be had this, monda gets 118 miles to the gallon. sacramento resident drives an hour and a half to come to the show for novelty with a friend this, year, he hopes to find his next car,. >> toyota. looking at this ford sea max, so, maybe. >> hybrid? >> hybrid, yes. >> for some fun, it runs through monday, proving to be an exciting draw, even for those that can't yet drive. >> how cool is that? >> awesome. >> is that the first time driving? you don't have a license? >> no. not yet. >> the case of a lost wedding album appears to be solved. this was found under a tree in
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fremont inside of a beautiful wedding album. it was turned over owe police, releasing these two photos asking for help in identifying the couple. that is when a woman from fremont tracked down the >> i saw them, the name of the couple and i got excited so i looked at picture and i found out that the gentleman had gaps in his teeth. same with this wedding album. and i kind of knew it was the same person. >> she works at facebook. police say they're now working to return the item to the couple they want to thank everyone who helped find them. >> hearty diners in the shadow of the golden gate bridge. a big group set up picnic tables. they fired up the grills and they say this beats watching football inside. >> one important thing is that
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everybody is welcome here. neighbors or friends that zront a place to be get to come here to hang out, that makes a big difference. >> you can call it picture perfect views. >> it's a great idea thanksgiving becoming a big day for raising preturkey exercise. thousands fill the streets this morning. the applied material silicon valley turkey trot is one of the largest of its kind. 1500 kids participated including people wearing colorful costumes out there. >> there is a samsung apple battle going on. >> nice,. >> they vent raised $1.2 million. the housing trust and childrens health initiative of santa clara county well. had
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someone dressed up in foil. right? >> right. >> yes. >> perfect weather for trotting out there. >> fantastic weather out there. >> here is a live view looking back towards san francisco. clear skies on this thanksgiving evening, mild conditions. here is live doppler 7. cloud free skies. degrees right now in oakland. we've got temperatures mid to upper 50s in other locations going to getf
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north. lows into mid-30s. mainly low to mid-40s and here is a look at satellite radar showing a big ridge of high pressure. that will bring us mild weather throughout the holiday weekend. we have no weather disturbances. fog this time line starting once again, dense fog developing in the central valleys. some spill in through the delta and will produce patchy valley fog. tomorrow, sunny skies once again. look for highs around 70 degrees in cupertino. low 70s in the south bay. highs into upper 60s. 70s in mountain view. mid-60s on the coast.
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downtown san francisco, a high of 67 tomorrow. up in the north bay, upper 60s to around 70s in novato. 70s in oakland. 68 in san leandro and hayward, 69 in antioch. monterey, low to mid-70s. here is the accu-weather forecast, mild and dry weather throughout the weekend. cooling off just a few degrees sunday and monday. by wednesday, clouds increasing just a tad. there is a chance chance of rain into thursday of next week. >> thank you. >> if you want to set your alarm bright and early for black friday deals tomorrow the abc 7 news alarm clock app
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is now available for smart phones. you can down load it for free for an droid and google play. it's still available at the app store if you have an iphone. >> still, coming up a woman disappointed after attending a quilt show. >> tonight michael finney
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a small battalion of volunteers spend thanksgiving morning making sure others would not be without a holiday meal. about 500 volunteers packed the place with turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. others took boxes full of meals and delivered them to home bound seniors. >> i was saying happy thanksgiving. this sticks with me for a while. >> hi.soú salvation army. >> that is terrific. these may be the only visitors they get this thanksgiving. they're grateful. >> i'll be enjoying and watching football games. thank you for your help over the years. it's been something we
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shouldn't live without. >> salvation army distributes over 5,000 meals today, about 6,000 pounds of turkey taking almost a week to prepare. >> high school students took part in a major tradition here, here they are in new york city. the students had to get up for a practice mark at 3:00 a.m. before getting a big moment in the spotlight. >> they sound terrific. four million people line that had route. the school spent 150,000ses today buy tube yaz for the
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band. >> what do they experience. >> a lot of fun. >> a tragedy in tex. a weather related pile up leaves dozens of mangled cars around the highway. >> u.s. postal service about to join the internet age. a national experiment in the bay area next month. >> and a young man takes steps in a local hospital.
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a thanksgiving tragedy in texas tonight. two people are dead the result of a massive weather related pile up on interstate 10 near texas gulf coast. the story tonight from beaumont. >> a mangled mass of metal, some twisted beyond recognition turning thanksgiving into a nightmare on wheels for thousands of travelers. from compact cars to tractor trailers, none escaped chain reaction that happened in
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dense fog southwest of beaumont. it's heavy rolled into this area this morning. and now, we're with three major accidents in a two-hour area. >> dozens rushed to hospitals by ambulance, some in critical condition. dozens of tow trucks flooded the scene. those avoiding mayhem had to spend all day stuck in vehicles with much to give thanks for. eastbound lanes of i 10 will be shut down at least eight hours. >> that is unbelievable. >> u.s. postal service picked san francisco for internet stoppers. the post office plans to begin same day delivery for online
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purchases starting in san francisco december 12th at about 10s skpdz if it works will expand next year. >> if you shop for special items perhaps you bought something from a trade show. could be hard to track down the sellers. >> one level went to a craft show ordering custom clothing she. was upset when her order never arrived. street fares come and go in the bay area, like papa's market place selling everything from computers to crabs.. >> they had to cute tee shirts
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>> i was so shocked. now, i've got two. >>u)-ñ susan declined a second check. the show producer rusty barns promotion group says such problems hardly happen but the company made sure she got the money back. rusty barns said product not being shipped rarely occurs at our events. when it does, we always take quick action to fix things. most all of our vendors are very responsible and take care of their business obligations well. the center said vendor problems are rare but we address ef single complaint. we a nonprofit exiting for our citizens. petterson did not respond to
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our request. >> i appreciate it, thank you. >> we appreciate dazzling divas for coming through with the refund, thanks owe the event center and rusty barns promotions. the lesson is use a credit card rather than cash. that way, you can make sure to get money back if items aren't delivered.
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his family is calling this a true thanksgiving miracle. >> a young man in a coma is beginning a remarkable recovery. >> vic lee witnessed firsthand today. >> it was a saturday after halloween, still parties in the city. >> he got shot and in the hospital. >> in early morning hours of october 28th he got the phone call every parent fears his son was at san francisco general hospital, in critical condition. parents say him being wheeled into surgery. >> i just wanted to touch him. i couldn't. >> do you remember that night? >> he kept repeating.
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>> the 21-year-old leaving a party at fort maceon. a stranger police identified made inappropriate advances towards his girlfriend. the man shot benjiman in the head after he went to her defense. at one point doctors say the wound was so severe they gave him only a 25% chance of living. he was in a medically coma almost a month. but the young man was fighting for his life. he was making small, but significant victories. four days ago, they took his breathing tube off, he uttered his first words. >> i went in there and i told him could you say hi, mom. he said hi, mom. and that is -- brought me to tears he was transfered to uc san francisco yesterday, then, today, another giant step. >>+jeoó the young man took his first steps, his nurse calls
6:40 pm
it miraculous. >> mazing and rare. he's a pretty good fight yes, i think. >> are you ready to get into your bed? >> the family is now enjoying tender moms with him. he's optimistic. >> everyone says they'll miss your smile. >> he's now able to smile at jokes. >> look at him now. he's strong. >> he's a miracle for thanksgiving. >> thanksgiving that we'll never forget. >> never. wishing him the best. >> coming up next, abc 7 news cheryl jennings reports and
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thousands of families in the bay area grateful for a program offering health and hope for children with cancer.
6:44 pm
it's called camp okizyu.zodç >> the camp is a 500 acre camp tucked away in butte county for children and families affected by cancer, this session for children with cancer who likes to get much-needed support from piers.. >> my grandpa passed way two weeks before my 13th birthday a month later i was diagnosed with leukemia it was hard. >> it's magical to me. nowhere else in the world is everyone nice, and understanding and knows what you've been through. >> young people are not shy. >> i'm now healthy and
6:45 pm
blessed. >> i had ovarian cancer i'm a year in remission. >> i had leukemia, twice. al. and currently in remission seven years. >> i was diagnosed at five years old. and this is the best place. just so fun here. >> the word is a sioux indian word that could mean to heal or come together. that takes on a new meaning when there is a flash mob. this is a ritual putting a smile on everybody's face. and that is what co-founders want. >> we had a group of people looking for recreational opportunities for the kids. the treatment had just become more intensive.
6:46 pm
>> i had a friend who died of cancer when i volunteered in marin. >> john bell wanted to do something in the name of the friend. so they joined forces with others. now budget nearly two million a year they don't want to turn anyone away. >> we did sibling programs, all things are needed and when at one and you see success, how grit for the people interest there, what it does for them, you cannot do it. you just can't say let's cut this back. >> the camp is run back to back. but there is no place to sleep until old counsel yerls leave. so they have to drag out this bin and spread this tarp out on the grass. they sleep under the stars.
6:47 pm
>> first rule is safety. and second to have fun. >> molly volunteered to wash >> i was eight years old. >> katie and her sister came to camp because their middle sister, emily had leukemia. >> i was 12 when she passed away. >> and katie now districts the programs and says this place changed her life. >> it made me who i am today. i'm going into special education because of being around kids with cancer, growing up with that, i can relate to kids like that. i feel like i can make a difference. >> this is a remarkable place.
6:48 pm
the camp has a wish list for holidays from skip lock baggies to a new washing machine. we have a list on abc 7 >> what a wonderful program. >> cheryl has become been a big part of the ram. >> another check of the forecast. >> fantastic. >> yes. >> grit all day. lovely thanksgiving day. you can see that we have a cloud free sky around the baõpp& area. up in the upper mid west there, a little bit of snow. some shower activity. most of the nation will be dry as will the state of california. farther south you go, milder from tomorrow. sunny skies, highs from upper 60s to low 70s tomorrow, here is the accu-weather forecast.
6:49 pm
we'll have temperatures tapering off. interest is a chain thursday. we want to offer thanks to those of you sup poverty porting our food drive. so we want to acknowledge everyone giving 35 meals or the cash equivalent, $350. here are the last of the donors. we received another 227 meals from congregation beth israel. thank you to shell chemical. that brings our total to 6764 meals, we'll be asking you to help with the food drive taking donations on december 12th locations around the bay area go to abc 7
6:50 pm to find out where. >> thank you. >> who gets start when 49ers takes the field.
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rick is here with sports for us. >> and i think alex should be starting but what do i know?
6:53 pm
we'll find out on sunday. espn reporting he pass a concussion test. says no decision has been made. >> collin has been getting pretty similar to what he got last week. and it's how it gets divvied up. >>m?pxr dallas defense, four touchdowns washington led at the half. cowboys make a game of it. tony romo through for 441 yards. they would get no closer, both teams are five and six.
6:54 pm
sue is known as dirtiest player in the league. he delivers a kick to the join of mat shaub no, penalty was called there. former cal running back takes hand off appearing to be down. no whistle is blown. he keeps ongoing for a touchdown. take a look. touches the ground the place should be reversed. the challenge flag after bonl teams missed game winning field goals a connection of 32 yards down. big bone game marched today when san jose high lineman suffered a neck injury. he did have movement.
6:55 pm
another big crowd filled stands for this thanksgiving day tradition. san jose came in undefeated but the game belonged to lincoln. christopher or the yez takes a hand off. he's off to /[÷ races a 66 yard score. and 89th nl turkey day game lincoln jumps out early. he will go all the way. misled and mustangs score. lincoln with a one point lead. bear was a last chance. so let the celebration begin. >> go along with the main dish of football, we serve up college basketball.
6:56 pm
matthew delavdova scored 16 in each half. stanford taking on missouri in the bahamas. he gets the lefty to drop. tigers up by four. missouri holds on and cardinals close to three and two. this sports report brought to you tonight by mercedes-benz. >> my goodness. >> he did the same thing last thanksgiving, too. >> you said there wasn't a penalty but he will be fine. >> he's going to be fine. >> join me tonight at 9:00, we'll findzaidñ out what highin activities discover that could
6:57 pm
turn the tide on the bed bug battle. >> then at 11:00 shopping beginning earlier than ever. live as shoppers vie for black friday deals tonight on abc 7 news. that is it for this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. >> from all of us here at bcc >> from all of us here at bcc
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- a graduate student of early american poetry from albany, new york... a retired school library media specialist from eufaula, oklahoma... and our returnampion, a senate staff aide originally from iowa city, iowa... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. ladies and gentlemen, welcome. it has not been an easy run for our champaul. the road has not been very smooth. and yet he has managed to win four times

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